<VV> 2dr. vs. 4dr.

airvair airvair at richnet.net
Wed Mar 23 19:00:52 EST 2005

No, they wouldn't. The 4door front door has to take the shape of the 
body contour in order for the rear door to clear when it's opened, while 
the rear door has to allow for the wheel well "dogleg." The rear edge of 
a 2door door only had to be sculpted to a desirable line, not clear a 
door opening, and is thus a different contour.

-Mark C (into 4doors)

4carbcorvair wrote:

>Is there any difference in the shape of a LM door on a 2 dr. vs. the
>shape of the front doors on a 4dr. other than length? In other words,
>would the door edge guards from a 4dr. fit a 2dr. model?

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