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I  changed out the GM brain box but still no spark.  Next is the (Chrysler)  
reluctor, but I want to make sure everything else is good before laying cash  
out for that.

Michael -
The pair of wires from the Chrysler pick-up out of the distributor can  get 
pinched where they exit the cap. (You did mean the pick-up, not the  reluctor?) 
An open wire here would completely kill the pulse. Do you have  an old 
non-digital meter? You can hook it up to the two wires and spin the  distributor 
slowly. Not sure what you would measure, maybe voltage? When you  spin it, the 
reluctor will create a pulse in pickup and in the wires  - I  believe the 
voltage will swing positive/negative as you turn the reluctor past  the pickup. I 
used to test them when I built the racing systems for the  Stingers. I, too, 
used the 6-cylinder Chrysler reluctors and pick-ups. They  worked great - But I 
usually had to open up the cap (rat tail file) where  the wires exited to keep 
them from getting pinched, even with the grommet  installed - and I often 
removed the grommet, because it wasn't exactly in the  right place or the right 
Seth  Emerson
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