<VV> Re: Trying to appraise my Greenbrier-Need help on Value

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Hey, thanks Harry.

Old Car Price Guide is a good - easy to obtain - place to start.  My gut 
feel is that they tend to estimate a smidge (maybe around 10%) on the high 
side.  I've just figured that their numbers are reflecting the entire 
country (maybe more) and that my area (near Chicago) just does not command 
the same price levels as other parts of the US.  I blame that (at least 
partially) on the assumption of rust hiding somewhere in a Midwest car (or 
truck).  Or, perhaps they are just showing the highest prices they can find 
regardless of location?

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Later, JR

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> Hi--
> Old Cars Price Guide, Oct 2004 issue lists a No. 1 'brier at $16K.
> --H

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