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> The person who asked the question may very well have a Senior division
> Brier. And I would love to see it or at least pictures. And Corvair values
> have come up, but we cannot testify to it without seeing it.....
> Gary - - -I agree with you about needing pictures and supporting data about 
> the car or van in order to make any kind of estimate of value.
> In this case, I have seen Gail's van with a GM camper package on 2 different 
> occasions and can say that it is as near a number 1 as is possible for a 
> vehicle that has been driven.  She and her husband have had the van at St. 
> Augustine where I got to see it and it is really first class.  It has been 
> thoroughly 
> restored with careful attention to correct detail.  It is as nice as any van 
> I 
> have seen.  How does this translate into a $ value?  I don't know.  This I 
> am 
> sure of, you won't have a restoration this nice for under $15,000.00. - - 
> -Dick Shank
  The logical road is to have it professionally appraised, back up the 
appraisal with bills for the work done and work out the details personally with the 
insurance agent.  Vehicles of this calibre need the extra leg work that simply 
mailing in some pictures and a premium can't provide.  No professional 
restorer could realistically restore to concours a Greenbrier for less than 
$20,000.00...and in case of a totalled vehicle it will be a professional restorer 
providing you with a replacement. Also, no reasonable insurance company would 
expect to compensate your claim by giving you cash and a van shell so you could 
start again from scratch. That doesn't mean that one you've restored yourself is 
worth any less just because you saved money by doing the work.  The 
replacement value needs to be carefully negotiated with the insurer once you choose an 
insurance company.    I would shy away from the "general" no questions asked 
policy on this quality of vehicle as it will never cover the cost of replacing 
a totalled van with a newly restored exact duplicate.  You should expect an 
insurance agent to work with you on determining the van's replacement value in 
unique cases like this. If they are telling you they need price guide values 
and want ad values then I'd seriously question their ability to insure your 99.9 
point car properly.

Bruce Webster

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