<VV> 63-64 NOS Posi Carrier FS

BBRT chsadek at adelphia.net
Fri Mar 25 15:48:12 EST 2005


For Sale

 NOS posi carrier in the original box.  Has all internals.  No Ring
gear or pinion come with this.  Has the cosmoline-looking stuff all over it.
Looked up GM number on box which is Group 5.510, 3813553. 63-64 
Corvair,F.C.w/P/Trac, 65 FC w/ P/Trac. ... w/internal gears on pg 5-6 P&A 30 

 I have quite a bit in it; want same out of it. $350.

 If interested, please contact me at chsadek at Adelphia.net  address.

 Chuck S 

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