<VV> At Wit's End with HEI Ignition

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Fri Mar 25 17:10:43 EST 2005

Some of y'all have responded to my questions about the sudden HEI ignition failure in my '63 convertible.  This is the Dale hybrid system that's served me fine for six years.  (Dale hasn't answered calls yesterday and today.)

I've tried replacing some parts and diagnosing others thusly, still no spark:

- New GM brain box
- New Chrysler pick-up; wires are good
- Tested a known good coil in place of 6-year-old Flamethrower
  - Ohms check out OK
  - Flamethrower produces a spark at the output when the - terminal is grounded, then released
- Rotor turns with engine
- Engine ground is good
- Ran 12V directly to + terminal of coil

None of this gets a spark out of the ignition wires, or even out of the coil wire when it's held just a bit off the contact.

All that's left to replace are the brass-contact cap and rotor.  I cleaned them up, and can't imagine how one could fail suddently.  I even tested the rotor to ensure it is contacting the center post.

I'm at wit's end with this.  Anything I haven't checked?

Michael Smith

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