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Doug Mackintosh dougmackintosh at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 25 20:36:40 EST 2005

Thanks for the advice.  I finally got a chance to open
it back up today, removed the mechanism and tried all
the suggestions.  Here's what I found out:

The latch pivot I had removed from the left door of my
parts car was actually a Right Door mechanism.  The
spring in the pivot doesn't return the handle to
"center" - it is actually designed to return the
handle to slightly off-center.  So if you put a RH
mechanism on the left door, it returns to the "wrong
place".  It is still trying to unlock the door, when
it is in the neutral position.  As a result, the
outside key lock would not lock the door.  I found
that I could use the outside key to lock it if I
pushed the inside handle forward a ways.  If you look
at the mechanism when it is removed from the door, the
vertical lever sticking up (which is inside the door
cavity when installed) should be slanted toward the
rear at the top (when in the neutral position).  If it
leans forward instead, it's the wrong one.

I have ordered a replacement and expect it to fix my

Here was the original problem description:
>I just fixed the broken inner door handle mechanism
>(the pivot, which had a broken spring) on my '62
>driver.  Before I fixed it, the key locked the door
>fine, but the handle would not return since the
>was broken.  Now it springs back fine, but when I
>it, it doesn't lock.  The key works fine, but I can
>still open with the outside handle.  Any ideas?

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