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> Too little caster causes what you're experiencing.  Although not all tow 
> bars are alike, and some tend to "lift" the front of the towed car as you 
> pull, which is why adding weight helps.  I've used the cheater technique of 
> adding weight when towing a derelict Corvair on old rock-hard tires...
> -- Bob

I second Bob Marlow on this as I had the same problem with a '65 Convrt that 
I saved from the crusher.  It would not turn to follow the tow bar, until I 
put weight in the trunk and lowered the tire pressure.  I also replaced the worn 
out pitman arm bushing to tighten up the steering.  On a rebuilt car where 
you can get the alignment done be sure you have the caster set right (and that 
the steering box etc move easily).

Bob Hall
Group Corvair
'64 Brier
'65 Corsa
2 '68 Monzas

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