<VV> battery area question

Jim Simpson simpsonj at bellatlantic.net
Sun Mar 27 16:52:47 EST 2005

The battery in my '66 Corsa has small vents on each end of the battery.  I 
ran rubber hoses (vacuum line ?) from each to the holes and out the 
bottom.  The only trick was that rubber hose large enough to fit over the 
batter vents (oblong holes, about 1/4" high x 3/8" wide) was too big to fit 
through the battery tray holes.  Rather than enlarge them, I used a short 
piece of plastic line I salvaged from somewhere as a jumper through the 
hole with another inch or so long piece of rubber hose on the 
underside.  You can't tell the rubber line is discontinuous and the piece 
underneath holds it tightly in place.

I'm not sure it really does any good, but it's my attempt to look more or 
less stock, have something filling the holes, and besides, it might 
actually help vent acid vapor outside the car.

Jim Simpson, Group Corvair, '66 Corsa turbo

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