<VV> Cruise Control

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Mon Mar 28 14:34:00 EST 2005

> From: Les <corvair at mb.sympatico.ca>
> Subject: <VV> Cruise control
> To: virtualvairs at corvair.org
I figure the kind that gets an RPM signal from the coil in order to
maintain constant engine speed 
> would be most appropriate. Any hints on type/installation etc? The
> CCS100 looks promising.
Smitty says:  I have used three different ones of the electronic type. 
The only on that really works well is one my wife picked up at a garage
sale for $2 and it has a problem in that if the right turn signal is
engaged after dark, the cruise disengages.  I am a pretty good
electrician.  I solder my crimp on connectors and run dedicated wiring
for add-ons like cruise.  I have still been bugged by mysterious
drop-outs, speed reductions (where the throttle starts easing off) etc. 
You may have better luck but I have to say I have been dissatisfied.

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