<VV> Garage Mahal

John Beck jb30343 at navix.net
Mon Mar 28 17:39:16 EST 2005

We had the concrete floor in the carpentry shop at work treated by Dave
Cooley, http://www.coolfloors.biz  He ground the surface of the concrete
and then treated it with something that made it shiney, waterproof,
solvent proof and seems to be very wear resistant.  I don't remember
what the process was called. There were a range of prices depending on
how deep the treatment needed to penetrate into the concrete.  We got a
lower end treatment in the shop.  So far it seems bullet proof.   Dave
should be able to give details and maybe suggest a vendor in your area. 

Robert Marlow, Vairtec Corp. wrote:
> This basic topic has been covered before, but now it's my turn.
> My wife found a house that she just loves, and since it has 5 garages who
> was I to argue?  The closing is set for May 6th.
> Immediately after the closing, I have the one chance that I am ever likely
> to get to make the garage of my dreams.  I have questions on two topics:
> 1.  Floor coatings.  I dream of a NASCAR-shop floor coating.  Smooth and
> clean, impervious to wear and chemicals.  The existing concrete floor is in
> good condition.  I am working the web and the industrial connections that I
> have, but does anyone on this list have first-hand experience, good or bad?

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