<VV> Turbo Odyssey and Hillbilly Blaster -- tools, no Corvair

Norman C. Witte ncwitte at wittelaw.com
Thu Mar 31 09:47:50 EST 2005

Thanks, Ned.  I'm very pleased with how it is coming along.

Yesterday I got an e-mail from Scott Trunkhill asking for an update on how
well the Hillybilly Blaster worked out.  For those who are new or don't
remember, the Hillbilly Blaster is the scratchbuilt sandblasting cabinet we
built during the "Legends of the Engine Compartment" adventure.  The
building of the cabinet was reported here:


I have made several improvements to the cabinet that have improved its
usefulness.  In use I found the cabinet to be a bit too short.  Last summer
I attached four-by-fours to the legs connecting them front to back (left
over deck parts), and then installed casters on the bottom, raising the
cabinet about eight inches. The cabinet is much easier to use now.

Two other modifications were made to keep dust down.  The first was to make
a better system for securing the top when it was closed.  I filched a couple
of clamps from my dad that were similar to these:


and attached a couple of four by four blocks (more left over deck parts) to
the sides of the cabinet on which to mount the clamps.  These seal the top
much more nicely than the flimsy latches I had on it before.

The other dust reduction measure I took was to staple a canvas skirt around
the legs of the cabinet.  (The canvas was a drop cloth abandoned by a
contractor who did some work at my office.)

These improvements make the cabinet much more usable.  I find that
sandblaster tends to clog too often, which could probably be cured by better
moisture traps and more compressor power.  The compressor problem my solve
itself via a new "used" compressor.  The typewriter repairman next door is
selling his building -- I guess selling stuff on eBay is more lucrative than
fixing typewriters these days -- and offered to give me his 60 gal. two
stage compressor if I agreed to handle his closing documents for him.

Sounds like a deal to me.

Norm Witte

> Norm,
> That's sure a pretty car! Much nicer than it was in the first set of
> pictures when you brought it home.
> Ned

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