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Thanks Seth!    

"Based on Revs  and Temps"???   NOT  miles....makes sense to me!



Matt, Seth:

Let me add to what Seth wrote. Some 2003 and ALL 2004, 2005 GM vehicles have 
what is know as the "Oil Life System" built in to the computer. It is based on 
engine revolutions, temperature and vehicle "conditions". This algorithm is 
the "engine" that drives the computer in the DIC (Driver Information System) to 
notify you when your oil needs changing. GM does NOT recommend exceeding 
7,500 miles for an oil change even if the system doesn't tell you to change your 

Seth's information is correct...if GM finds that the oil you were using does 
not fit the specifications as outlined in the Owners Manual and there is a 
possible warranty problem with the engine AND they find it was caused by the 
wrong type of oil being used (and they CAN find out!!!) they will refuse the 
warranty work and/or payment!

Now don't forget...the Duramax engine has a 100,000 warranty on it while the 
gas engines are all 36,000 miles.

Bottom line....while you are under the GM warranty DON'T MESS WITH THE 

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