<VV> Braided fuel lines

AeroNed at aol.com AeroNed at aol.com
Thu Mar 31 22:44:11 EST 2005

Anyone out there in VVland have experience with braided fuel lines on a  
Corvair? Looking for some stories about how it holds up with temperature.
I'm thinking about redoing my fuel lines on my 140. (Smitty, close you  eyes) 
I have an electric fuel pump. I reversed and flipped the stock fuel lines,  
so that they all come together in the front center of the engine.  What I'm 
thinking about doing is running a hard line along each frame rail  and then 
braided hose to each of the carbs.
Another question, anyone ever put AN hose on 140 carbs? Is there an AN  
fitting that replaces the "big nut" at the carb inlet?
Any and all suggestions and opinions appreciated,

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