<VV> 1964 Electrical Problem

Daniel Monasterio dmonasterio at megared.net.mx
Sat Oct 1 23:05:14 EDT 2005

    The regulator is guilty. Install a new one or open the one you have and file/clean the contacts with a jeweller's flat file. Check the brushes at the generator and replace if worn. The generator acts as a motor when contacts (don't remember which ones) stay closed because too much heat on them when having a poor contact.


<<My wife was driving home this evening in the '64 Spyder and the
gen/fan lite came on and then went off and then on again.  When
she got home and turned the engine off the gen/fan lite stayed on
and the generator continued to motor.  I had to disconnect the
battery to get it to stop.  If I reconnect the battery it will motor.  Is
this a generator problem or a wiring short somewhere.>>

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