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> Off-topic question: The car I drove to look at was a 2005 Chevy Malibu
> Classic with only 4,000 miles on it. > However, the seller is asking
$9,950.  Given that the sticker on this
> was $19,000 just a few months ago -- and Kelley's blue book is $15K-18K,
> Does anyone on this list have any opinions on this deal?
> Thanks in advance.
> Steven J. Serenska
Dollars wise, at first sounds like a deal ... however consider for the same
bucks you could get a used Honda Odyssey minivan, which if under 120000
miles is not quite broken in yet ......  4 years from now the chevvy will be
worth about $2100, and the Honda with 180000 miles on it will be worth 6500
.....  and still good for another 100000 or so ...
Meanwhile, the minivan can help you fetch parts for the corvairs ....(g)
Or .. if in deer country, get a 1997 Ford F150 pickup with a 2 x 12 front
bumper and a nice camper top, About $6 K should do it ....  I would get the
300 inch six inline , that will last until 240K miles, and with the extra
money buy a nice corvair convertible ... which will be worth about $14K in 4
years, the way they are going.

Reargards, ken campbell, iowa

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