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Last week coming home from work, I stopped off to put gas in the 66 Monza.  The guy filling his bland whatever it was new car in front of me kept looking at my car quizzically, finally couldn't stand it, and came back:

He,  "where is the radiator?"

I, "it doesn't have one; it's air cooled."

He, "where is the engine?"

I, "it's in the back."

He, "how does it cool without a radiator?"

I, "it's air cooled like the old Porches and VWs."

He, "oh, but where do they put the radiator?"

I gave up.  He never did get it.  What I didn't get was that he was old enough that he should have remembered when Corvairs were fairly common.  Whatever.

This is my second favorite Corvair encounter.  My favorite one was 20 years ago when I showed up at a radiator shop in the 61 Lakewood hauling the radiator to my wife's 80 Z28 Camaro.  The guy met me at the door to "We don't  fix no Corvair radiators!"  We both had a good time with that and fortunately he did fix Camaro radiators.

Mark Noakes

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> Okay--I gotta say it--I not only drove my 66 Monza to
> church this morning (as I do most mornings), but
> managed to work the joys of Corvair ownership into the
> sermon I delivered. :)
> Kent Duncan
> 66 Monza daily driver
> 68 Monza Group Red
> > We took our 66 to church this morning and then to
> > the bagel shop for breakfast.  Got a lot of questions from an about 20
> > year old at the bagel shop.  Nothing unusual about me driving this car,
> > I've been commuting in it for a while.
> >
> > Dennis
> >
> > At 06:22 AM 10/2/2005, 4carbcorvair wrote:
> >> "Official introduction date of the Corvair was
> > October 2, 1959" Tony
> >> Fiore-The Corvair Decade
> >>
> >> --
> >> Ron Tinkham
> >>
> >> 66 Corsa Convertable, 140, 4sp.
> >> Maine
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