<VV> Corvair Radio/Speakers

Russ Moorhouse corvair65 at verizon.net
Sun Oct 2 20:58:10 EDT 2005

My '65 coupe has the original AM/FM with rear seat speaker in it.  The 
original owner replaced the stock speakers with Clark's replacement speakers 
at some point, but he doesn't remember when.

The problem I have with the radio is it doesn't hold well on a station when 
it's set on FM.  It shifts slightly and you have to deep adjusting the tuner 
knob.  Also the sound doesn't have much in the way of frequency range.  It's 
rather tinny sounding, about equal to an old hand held transistor radio,

Is this normal for these radios to be this way?  I don't remember my '64 
Olds F-85 sounding like this and it only had an AM radio, the same with my 
'65 Impala.  Did they just use a very basic radio on the Corvair?

Russ Moorhouse
'65 Corsa coupe 140 HP
Group Corvair Member
Corsa Member
Kent Island, MD

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