<VV> valve job, very little Corvair

Marc Sheridan sheridanma at adelphia.net
Mon Oct 3 20:20:15 EDT 2005

After 56 years of hard work, it is time my heart got a valve job. Amazingly, 
it is only the mitral valve that needs to be fixed after all those thousands 
of beats over the years. I chose Juan Crestanello to do the job. He works in 
a shop called the Ross Heart Hospital in Columbus and plans to do the job 
Wednesday morning. I've already given him a half gallon of blood so he can 
put it in the dry sump, that he calls a heart lung machine, to keep me going 
while he is working on the valve.

My heart is a very important part of the power train on my bicycle. Today I 
took a 55 km bike ride to get baseline data to compare with the same ride 
after the valve job. I have high hopes of a significant increase in 

Of course this will initially slow me down for a bit, but I plan to at least 
be back on the computer within a week and use part of my medical leave to 
put my Monza back together. Just don't tell my boss :o).

Marc Sheridan

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