<VV> Boxster power

Norman C. Witte ncwitte at wittelaw.com
Tue Oct 4 08:33:02 EDT 2005

I was thinking about mid engine Vairs and was wondering about how difficult
it would be to transplant a Porsche Boxster powertrain into a Vair.  The
base Boxster is 240 hp, the S models are 280.  You can get the base motor on
eBay for $4,500


and an S motor for $8k:


I realize you would also want the transaxle, the computer and harness.  I
don't have the resources to do this, but it occurs to me that it would be a
pretty sweet deal to have 280 hp and a six speed in a Vair.  A Boxster
weighs in at 2,811 lbs. so on that score a Vair would compare favorably.

I'm sure it would take a bit of engineering to get the motor in place and
the suspension mated properly.

Just an interesting daydream I thought I'd thnow out there.


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