<VV> Police Harassment / Antique Plates

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Tue Oct 4 12:59:49 EDT 2005

At 03:42 hours 09/30/2005, mhicks130 at cox.net wrote:

>Actually, when I first got my Corvair I was planning on just 
>registering it as a regular car - I kind of wish I had now. It's 
>become a matter of principle now.  No bully cop is force me to do 
>something the law says I don't have to.  Unless I just run out of 
>energy and break down and go down the path of least resistance and 
>get the stinkin thing inspected just to get this punk off of my back.

I'm not so sure that's a good idea.

A cop who makes up his own rules as he sees fit is as bad or worse 
than the perpetrator who breaks the valid laws in the first 
place.    Until the cop runs for office and is elected by the public 
to represent their best interests according to Law, the cop has no 
place in *making* law.   Just because it's not what *he* thinks is 
right does not matter.   He's wrong and that's that.    If you let 
him get away with it, it's only gonna empower him to make the next 
guy's life miserable.

There used to be a cop on the "main drag" weekend cruise strip 
(Williamson Rd) here in town who had a thing against motorcycles, and 
when he was working the weekend evening shift in District Six (the 
cruise area) he would pull over every and any motorcycle that dared 
to make a pass down the three-mile-stretch of cruise strip.   This 
happened again and again over and over, and he usually would find a 
reason to either tell the biker to stay off the cruise strip or cite 
them for one thing or another.    The guy got to be popular, was 
talked about by everybody on the strip who had a motorcycle.   I 
avoided the Strip with my bike at that time, didn't wanna put up with 
the nonsense, having already been around and around with the 
musclecar-nazis in patrol cars who arbitrarily stopped anything with 
Cragar SS mags and dual exhaust and gave them a roadside safety 
inspection and would ticket anything that didn't pass for whatever 
reason.   Thus, I avoided Williamson Rd on weekend nights while on 
the bike.

This went on for about three weeks or so, with Officer Antibike 
pulling over anything with two wheels before evidently stopping the 
wrong guy and then "left the force to find other employment" 
according to scuttlebutt.   I suspect he pulled over and preached to 
a lawyer on a 10,000 buck Goldwing who had no sense of humor...  ;)


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