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Hubert A Smith vairologist at juno.com
Tue Oct 4 14:16:30 EDT 2005

Smitty says:  Joe I made up an index years ago as a guide to tech
articles in old Communiques.  I know it is not directly applicable to
what you are doing but it is a direction to look anyway.  There are sub
groups under most of the headings.  some of these divisions seem a little
awkward but were divided that way to somewhat equalize the volume of the
1   Misc  oil types, stripped holes, engine stands, restoration,  etc etc
2   Accessories  instruments, lights, heaters, mirrors, horns   etc
3   Body and Paint   water leaks, chrome, windshields etc
4   Brakes  Stock, conversion  
5   Fuel Sys  Everything from the filler neck to the carb 
6   Engine   Subs for headings, building, and tech info on number
7   Engine Swaps
8    Electrical   Primary systems (12 volt)
10  Electrical   Secondary Sys  High voltage
11   Oil   Leaks, routing, cooling etc
12   Power train and manual transmission
13   Powerglide Transmission
14   Suspension and bearings  shocks, springs, steering etc

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