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Kevin Spargur southernheritage at bellsouth.net
Tue Oct 4 11:43:54 EDT 2005

List Members:

Last week (or there-abouts) I requested some assistance with locating a 
copy of the publication of the study exonerating the Corvair and 
received some very nice assistance from y'all.  One member has even 
offered to assist me with getting a copy if the online references failed 
to "pay off".  I thank everyone who responded with their help, 
suggestions, and advice.

I had called and e-mailed NHTSA/TIS regarding the publication and I 
received the following e-mail response which I am forwarding to the list 
as an FYI for anyone who is interested.  I also received the publication 
on microfiche this past Saturday.  Now, all I need is to find some way 
of getting it printed off of the microfiche.  My plans are to scan and 
index the images then place them on the web for a research & reference 
resource for anyone who may be interested in it.

BTW... I have an alternate e-mail addie for anyone interested... It is 
"rebelvair at hushmail.com".

Happy Corvairing!

Kevin Spargur
'67 Corvair Monza 2-dr HT
looking for a '60 Corvair project

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Subject: 	RE: Corvair Document/Publication (TIS Request # TIS05-007888 DGD)
Date: 	Tue, 27 Sep 2005 15:21:53 -0400
From: 	TIS <TIS at nhtsa.dot.gov>
To: 	Kevin Spargur <southernheritage at bellsouth.net>
CC: 	Doernberg, David <David.Doernberg at nhtsa.dot.gov>

Dear Mr. Spargur:
The NHTSA Web Site is a fairly recent development by this Agency. No 
attempt was made to "archive" documents more than 7-8 years old. There 
are no current resources to add to our web site HS reports back to the 
late 1960's (the title you cited was produced in 1972). Only those 
documents the Program Offices produced in HTML or pdf were the ones 
added to the web site. Most of the other 8,000 + technical reports and 
43,000 other types of reports assigned numbers and stored in TIS can be 
ordered from us (tis at nhtsa.dot.gov <mailto:tis at nhtsa.dot.gov>).
Please note that NHTSA is an organization of several hundred employees. 
NHTSA TIS is the Agency Library. The toll-free number you contacted is a 
contractor, the Vehicle Safety Hotline, with telephone representatives 
located in Kentucky under their current contract with NHTSA. Their 
primary mission is to assist the public in locating recalls on their 
vehicle, making them aware of defect investigations, receiving consumer 
complaints and taking orders for standard publications. They have not 
been trained in the intricacies of our document collection. The HS 820 
series was a special series of NHTSA sponsored papers and studies (all 
assigned numbers in that series between 1972 and 1973).
I have almost 20 years of experience in this Office and most of the 
other staff have at least 8-10 years and are very familiar with the 
various collections here in Washington DC at TIS. None of the HS 820 
series still exist here in paper. All were filmed to microfiche. When 
the document was originally filmed, paper originals were sent, as with 
most Government reports to the National Technical Information Service, 
5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield VA 22161 and their order numbers all 
begin with "PB" (for their former name, Publications Board). Please 
telephone 1-800-553-6847, after you receive the microfiche if there are 
readability problems, and they can make a better blow-back or produce a 
paper version for you at their current price schedule.
I will be mailing you the best blow-back I can make from our jacketed 
microfiche) for this document. The 3 sheets of microfiche are being 
mailed out today (although the mail room may not postmark them until 
tomorrow morning)  and there is no charge.
I apologize for any inconvenience and hope that this document proves 
useful.  Thank you for your request.
David Doernberg
NHTSA Technical Information Services

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    *From:* Kevin Spargur [mailto:southernheritage at bellsouth.net]
    *Sent:* Monday, September 26, 2005 6:03 PM
    *To:* TIS
    *Subject:* Corvair Document/Publication

    To Whom It May Concern,

    First, trying to find archived documents on your website then
    attempting to get assistance via your toll-free number when the web
    search fails is not user friendly to say the least.  I will say
    that, once I got to a live person, getting the fax and e-mail
    information was easy though I was denied any additional assistance.

    The reason for my telephone contact and now this e-mail is to
    request a specific document publication which I need for a research
    project.  Is there anyway possible that I can obtain a copy of
    "/_*DOT HS-820198*_/" entitled "_/*Evaluation of the 1960-1963
    Corvair Handling and Safety*/_" that was produced in July 1972?  The
    publication is also available on microfiche as _/*PB-211015*/_.  I
    would welcome either or both (preferred) formats if possible.

    If it is possible, please either e-mail me the document to this
    e-mail address or send it via regular mail to:

    Kevin Spargur
    10713 Squires Court
    Jacksonville, Florida

    Please advise me of any charges and I will expedite payment.


    Kevin Spargur

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