<VV> Confusion on name GoVairs HUMOR

corvairs lonwall at corvairunderground.com
Wed Oct 5 14:19:40 EDT 2005

No offense Norm, but I'm not really all that sue-happy. (And oh-oh-oh 
what a girl). This particular club has my full support and I'm not mad 
at any of them - even Titus. I just think he's used poor judgement by 
creating an easily avoidable controversey that, had it involved other 
entities could have caused him great trouble. That one does baffle me a 
bit. My original post  was intended to be humorous. Obviously I had 
nothing to do with thier show!

The fact that I think virtually everyone caught the humor is ample 
evidence that everyone knows who and what GoVair is. On the other hand 
I'll keep your card if I should ever require your services..........Lon


Norman C. Witte wrote:

>I was kinda hoping to represent Lon in the lawsuit.  What a disappointment.

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