<VV> GoVairs Name.(Humor)

Mike Stillwell yenko117 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 5 14:23:11 EDT 2005

 Dang Norm ! Replaced already, and by HANK!... I can't
wait for the trial. 

 Lawyer Hank: "Your honor, my client asks that the
Defendant cease and desist the use of the name
'GoVairs', and regardless of his compliance with said
request, the Defendant should be ordered to BITE ME!"

 Apologies to Grant for the "no-vair" post. Wait, is
that another club out there?


--- Ewell Mills <emills5 at cfl.rr.com> wrote:
  Hopefully Titus Stewart and Lon
> Wall can work this out without Hank having to
> represent anyone.  I suggest swords at 10 Paces.
> Cecil Mills

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