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Louis C. Armer,Jr. carmerjr at mindspring.com
Wed Oct 5 16:23:53 EDT 2005

Excellent points made by Ron. If an individual has to keep track of 
his hobby hours to ascertain his/her
value then it is no longer a hobby but has broken down to a measure 
of  monetary investment instead of
      When I first finished the ground-up restoration of Darth Vair I 
was asked at several car
shows how many dollars it cost for the restoration and how many hours 
I had spent.This was
usually followed by  "How much will you take for it ? " I still feel 
that particular question is a curious
one since 99.9% of those asking don't have any intention of 
purchasing but are just nosey.
      I solved the problem by making a small sign indicating that I had over
1000 hours of my time involved in the restoration of Darth Vair. That 
1000 hours pales
in comparison to the many thousands of hours after the restoration 
that are "spent"
in enjoying your chosen hobby. It is for many, their vacation time, 
socializing time,
shared family time and of course their time "spent" with best 
friends. It may also be
therapy that get's one away from the everyday routines and allows a 
release from all the
normal things in life that never go away and are seldom solved. Enjoy 
your hobby or find
another if all it has become is measured in monetary amounts.

Chuck Armer
At 08:29 AM 10/5/2005, you wrote:
>"After $6500 and over 300 hours of my
>...........and Ron Replied........... This is exactly why I have not 
>kept track of the time I have put into mine.
>It can be depressing to know the actual figures..... Maybe after I am done
>with the car, I will sit down and figure out how much time and $$ I have
>into it. Until than, I'm going to continue enjoying the build time and look
>forward to having it on the road. :)
>Ron Tinkham
>66 Corsa Convertable, 140, 4sp.

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