<VV> Goin' rally-crossin'!

Tom Willcox bakwudz at rcn.com
Wed Oct 5 15:23:53 EDT 2005

Just wanted to drop a line to the group: if anyone will be in the Allentown-Lehigh Valley PA area this Sunday, feel free to come out and watch me thrash my 65 coupe on a "dirt autocross" course.  Or, join in!  It's only $50.

The Philly region SCCA chapter is hosting their second "rallycross" event at Grandview Speedway, near Bechtelsville, PA.  It is located on route 100 south of Allentown, PA.  Event is all day, this Sunday, from about 8 am on.

It sounds like a fun event, and I'm not ready to put my car away for the winter yet, so I figured 'what the heck'--I'll do it and see how it goes.  Anyone with any advice for car setup or driving on dirt, feel free to enlighten me!

Tom Willcox
Allentown, PA
65 Corsa coupe

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