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airvair airvair at richnet.net
Fri Oct 7 02:06:25 EDT 2005


Below are posts concerning an automatic floor shift conversion kit that
I'd like to see reproduced. Ray Sedman is interested, but needs to know
what the market would be for it. SOOOooooo, if you are at all
interested, please drop me an offline post, so that I can relay the
information to Ray, as he asked me to do. Thanks!


Hi Mark,

I like the idea of the PG shifter sample you loaned to me.  It is
a very slick idea and I am sure some people would like one for
their car.  I just do not know how much interest there is vs. what
it would cost to bring these to market in the small quantities
what we are most likely working with.

Maybe the best thing to do to move this along is to put some
feelers out there and see what kind of response there is.  Without
the shifter handle, I figure the selling price would be around
$175 to $200, including the new  cable.

You can put the word out and start collecting names, email address
and telephone numbers, for starters.  Let us see what kind of
response is had and then we can take it from there.

Best Regards,


airvair wrote:
> I have an Ansen floor shift conversion kit (no, it's not for sale) that
> was designed to convert the Corvair dash shift to a floor-mounted shift.
> While it was designed specifically for the early models, it can be used
> with the lates. It was sold through J.C.Whitney through the mid 70's,
> which is where I got it. Right now, I've interested Ray Sedman (American
> Pi) in reproducing it. However, he's reluctant to tool up without any
> indication of what kind of market there would be for it.
> -Mark
> citationwhat wrote:
> >
> > I have a '66 500 model that i was wanting to put the gauge cluster
> > from
> > a corsa that I have in. if anyone has any advice please let me know. I
> >
> > have to find a place to relocate my PG shifter to also when I do this.
> > Thanks
> >

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