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         I have a problem installing a 65 engine in a 61 Wagon. The power 
train is to short. I must not be using the right combo of early and late parts.
        This is a 4 spd. car. Front to rear I am using the 61 trans mount 
(cross member),a 64 4spd, transaxle,65 bell housing, flywheel and clutch,65 
engine and the 61 crank pully and rear mount bracket. I have about 1and1/2 inches 
between the trans and the mount with the engine bolted up at the rear. What Am 
I doing wrong?
       I did the same convertion on my 61 rampy with out this trouble.
           Thanks for your help,    Paul Fox

Did you remember to install the spacers when you attached the trans mount to 
the end of the transmission?  Also with a long stroke engine (64 to 69) you 
should be using a harmonic balance and the 64 rear motor mount (the one that 
attaches to the rear of the engine) which is designed to clear a hormonic 
balance.  Failure to use a harmonic balance could result in breaking the crankshaft.  
The only late engines that I'm aware of that did not use the harmonic balance 
was the 95 hp engine in FC's and some of the 110 hp engines attached to a 
Power Glide.

Ed Corson (CORSA member)
Inland Empire Corvair Club

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