<VV> "Screwed" fuel pump

Kirby Smith kirbyasmith at gwi.net
Fri Oct 7 16:47:49 EDT 2005

For Locktite I suggest the "green" crack penetrating kind.  It will not 
bind the screws so tightly that they can't be turned, but will stop any 
loosening, if that is the problem.


Sethracer at aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 10/7/2005 6:04:45 AM Pacific Daylight Time,  
> khammett at stainlessfab.com writes:
> There  was some discussion on warped castings some time back.  You might  have
> one of these.  The fix was to take the pump apart and using a  large file
> flatten (true up) the gasket surfaces.
> I don't see why  you couldn't use locktite on the threads of the screws.
> You might want  to contact the vendor that sold you the pump for suggestions.
> Good  luck
> Keith Hammett
> As I recall, Keith, the usual problem is not the screws loosening up, it is  
> the gasket material squeezing down in regular operation, allowing leaks. You 
> are  not re-tightening the screws, your are tightening them further in. If you  
> loctite the screws down at first installation, it might limit the later  
> "adjustment" tightening down. What you might try, if the vendor doesn't have any  
> better suggestions, would be to true up the gasket surfaces and tighten the  
> screws. Follow up later with another tightening. After a period of time, if you 
>  think the screws are backing off, then you could tighten them down and 
> loctite  them. You will be tightening them onto an already compressed gasket.  -  
> Seth

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