<VV> Turbo Odyssey Part 24 -- Top This!

Louis C. Armer,Jr. carmerjr at mindspring.com
Fri Oct 7 17:54:10 EDT 2005

Well well, I did notice that "Carless in Lexington" is now NOT
"Strapless in Saginaw" Learn well do we young Norm !!! <GGG>

At 03:22 PM 10/7/2005, you wrote:
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>Today is a big day for me. First, my daughter Allison turned 13, so now two
>of our four kids are teenagers. I can't get over how fast they grow up.
>Second, it was two years ago today that my dad died. Not to bum everyone
>out, but a day doesn't go by that I don't miss him. I don't think that will
>ever change.
>Third, I got my Corvair back from the trim shop with the top installed. The
>work was done by Stew's Auto Trim in Eaton Rapids, Michigan by Stew and his
>brother, Ed. Actually, Stew did the top and Ed recovered my seats.
>Unfortunately I forgot to take the camera with me, but I did get pictures at
>home of the car. So no big monologue today, but I will post some pictures of
>the car with the new top installed.
>Stew and Ed did a very nice job and got it done fast. I dropped the car off
>Wednesday morning and it was done by Friday afternoon. They can be reached
>at (517) 663-3990.


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