<VV> Door Spring

Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Sat Oct 8 22:22:33 EDT 2005

>we were planning to replace the door soon anyway (with a modern steel door 
>-- no more painting!),

After twenty years in our house we replaced the garage door and the 
difference was amazing. Modern doors are much lighter than they used to be 
and in Florida where it tends to rain A Lot, a wood door can add nearly its 
weight again in moisture. Before replacing it took two 130 lb springs on 
each side to lift it. The galvanized steel door we replaced it with is much 
lighter and I am no longer concerned about not being able to lift it.

A side benefit is that the door opener now goes up much faster. Only time 
will tell how long it will last but around heree it should be a while.


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