<VV> Re: Delphi (AC Delco [sic]) declares bankruptcy (NO CORVAIR)

Jim Burkhard burkhard at rochester.rr.com
Sat Oct 8 23:33:51 EDT 2005

Craig, et al...

I have some (ahem) first hand knowledge of the situation, 
but don't want to comment since somebody would yell at me if 
anything went out with any slight factual errors.

One minor clarification, though. Delphi isn't AC Delco.... 
It's a bit confusing, but the current AC Delco is GM's 
service parts marketing name.  It doesn't matter what 
company made the part for them -- AC Delco is what GM puts 
on the box. In years past, these parts would be mostly made 
by the varied divisions that were later spun off into Delphi 
(Rochester Products, AC Spark Plug, Harrison, Delco 
Electronics, Inland Fisher Guide, Delco Products, Delco 
Remy, Saginaw Steering, Delco Moraine, Packard Electric, 
etc.), but that isn't necessarily the case today.

After the GM/Delphi divorce, GM kept the "AC Delco" 
marketing name, since GM customers knew it like Ford 
customers know Motorcraft.  The parts can come from any 
manufacturer, though, including Delphi competitors.

Now, if the current business situation was that easy!


NicolCS at aol.com wrote:
> Boy, this is some sad news...  
> (Exceprted from Automotive News today)
> "Delphi Corp., hurt by high wage and benefit costs inherited from former 
> parent General Motors, put its U.S. operations into Chapter 11 bankruptcy 
> Saturday. Delphi's filing is the largest ever in the auto industry, dwarfing 

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