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Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 9 16:00:19 EDT 2005

Hank wrote:
 >  I know they won't be going in a 34 T-Bucket

That's a pretty safe bet -- Ford ceased production of the "T" in 1927 
with the introduction of the "A" in 1928.


Quick Ratio Corvair Steering Box From Flaming River Industries

"All new steering box manufactured from steel for strength with quick 
ratio (3 1/2 turns lock-to-lock) for Corvair and autocross applications. 
Heavy duty internal needle bearing design for longer life and smoother 
performance." $379

In the sixties, the Corvair box was hot because you could polish the 
aluminum case of the early gear, among other things:  

" A staple of hot rods of the 60's and especially Gassers is the use of 
the Corvair aluminum steering gear. As it comes from the car, it is set 
up for cross steering (steers the passenger spindle) so it can't be used 
for the classic parallel drag link common on cars of the era. 
Fortunately, converting the gear for hot rod use is easier than passing 
a Congressional wage increase ... "

Nostalgia is a big business these days, and what could be more nostalgic 
of the sixties hot rod era than a Willys gasser ...

Bill Strickland

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