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scott morehead smorehead at lycos.com
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Thanks for all the interest,  I'm building a mountain out of steering boxes in the warehouse.  Don't forget, I'm also collecting LM Alt Adpaters, 67-69 Ac Solenoid Levers, Magnesium fans, Thermisters, Nos Parts and an endlist list of other items.  I'm also buying out large/small corvair inventories in the southeast and wells as parts cars, current inventory is reaching triple digits.  If you need anything let me know.  If you need anything else Hank don't hesitate to call. Thanks and have a great week.

It's an Obsession. 

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> Folks
> I have no ability  to read Scott Morehead's mind. I have no idea 
> what he's doing with these steering boxes.
> OTOH, I haven't seen any ad or representation that says Scott has 
> gone into the steering box rebuild/sales business either. At least 
> not in any Corvair literature or lists I am privy to.
> Perhaps with so many requests for information, Scott will deign to 
> enlighten his prospective customers. Then again, he might tell us 
> it's none of our business what he does with them, and he would be 
> well within his rights to do so.
> As for me, (and nothing personal against Scott)I have  6 steering 
> boxes, and I won't be selling any of them to anyone who's looking 
> to buy in bulk, as I would be reasonably certain they would be 
> going to a NON Corvair vehicle.
> Hank

> >

Scott Morehead


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