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One  thing you can say for the CorvAircraft guys is that they run a 
school on  how to rebuild the engines.  Why the He__ doesn't  CORSA?

I'm guessing this was a rhetorical question, but I'm going to answer it  
There is one, but it's not put on by CORSA. The Mid Continent Corvair  
Association conducts three special schools on maintenance of the Corvair. These  
teaching sessions cover more than just engine building, but anything and  
everything to keep our cars running better. We hold these schools three times a  year:
         February - Cold Tuna
        June - Juna Tuna
        October - Luna Tuna
Now if you want to learn something about the Corvair, come to Wichita next  
Saturday. We're having our 3rd (?) annual "Luna Tuna" at the legendary Kalp  
Shop. So far the projects include:
  Replace front springs in a '61 Rampside
  Replace heater hoses in a '64 coupe
  Replace the transmission seal on a '65 sedan
  Install the shrouds on a '65 sedan and get it  running
  Install a aftermarket windshield washer in a '64 coupe
  Replace pushrod O-Rings (seems to be a Tuna favorite)
  Replace the rear crank seal on a '64 coupe
I'm sure I've missed a project or two. The "tuition" is an interest in  
learning about Corvairs and a good sense of humor (although most of jokes aren't  
funny). You also must supply the parts (gaskets, seals, etc) and the project  
car. Classes start promptly when you get to the shop, (please not before 8 AM,  
the our Yoda likes to sleep in). Lunch will be served. This Tuna's  menu 
includes homemade chilli, chips, soft drinks and a very special tasty  desert.
If your interested in our little "College" contact me, "Chancellor of the  
Vice", for more details and directions.
Assistant to the controller of the shop floor

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