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As some  of you may know, I'm heavily involved in street rods; I run a shop  
specializing in street rods and custom cars.  Over the last 10 years,  I have 
NEVER seen a Corvair steering box on any one of them!  I don't  know what the 
configuration would be that uses one - perhaps a bucket T  with a four-bar 
and a 
beam axle. .  .  .  .   I wouldn't worry 
about a relatively small number of original boxes  going that way.  Use the 
money to buy Corvair parts you really  need!
Craig N.

In my dealings with the Flaming River folks, I heard their take on the  
Corvair Box. They said that indeed the newer rods do use Rack &  Pinions, usually a 
Mustang II variant. The people who had been coming to  them were folks who 
had built rods back in the 60's and seventies using the  early model Corvair 
aluminum boxes. (probably not your Clientele, Craig!)The box  was marginal in the 
Corvair with the aluminum case (Chevy changed to steel, and  a famous Stinger 
crashed when the box failed at speed) but it looked nice  especially when 
polished. The folks coming to Flaming River told them that the  box was worn out. 
Of course they were overstressing the box with front engines  and more 
weight. They were trying to keep their old rods "period unique" and  were not 
interested in changing to the rack & pinion. Flaming river decided  to make the 
reversed box for the rodders. I got involved at that time, Thanks to  the SEMA and 
PRI shows) and urged them to build 1) the Corvair box in it's  original 
direction and 2) the quick ratio optional box for the Corvair. I sent  them three 
Corvair Steering boxes for examination, including the quick one from  my 66.   
They originally chose aluminum for the box, but changed to  the steel box, 
deciding to chrome the steel for the Show-rodders, and retain the  stronger 
housing material. They are making both ratios for the Corvair, standard  and quick 
in both painted steel and chrome. I am a bit distressed over their  choice of 
lube for the box. They are using a red lube supplied by Citgo. This  has 
separated and leaked a bit for several folks. Flaming River says this  eventually 
dries and the boxes then won't leak. But it is not a clean  solution. For 
racers - It is not a problem - a few drops on the floor for a  while is of no 
consequence.  Show folks are concerned. Of course  they could seal them the way GM 
suggested, permatex on the adjuster threads.  Yecch! but effective! - Seth 

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