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N2VZD at aol.com N2VZD at aol.com
Mon Oct 10 03:54:54 EDT 2005

i have new plastic insulators and gaskets under all carbs  on all engines 
here. i keep a drawer of them handy.  also just got more bowl gaskets in for all 
of my playing around.i will say one thing, i was surprised at the increase in 
mileage when i went from 50 to 52 jets, and it did help the stumble a little. 
the rampy has other issues now that i was blaming on carbs and maybe 
pertronics, but its breathing too much and putting oil vapors into the distributor cap. 
wiped it out with brake clean for now , but i think i am thru with the total 
seal rings after about 30k miles. new engine is on the bench when i get time. 
collecting my thoughts and parts for it now.  140 pg crank  , melling cam 
(9889 type) and 030 octane cut pistons so far. found new sealed power corvair 
lifters in the box. i think they are deep like original, i will attempt  depth 
measurements soon.
regards, tim colson

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