<VV> Driving Habits

Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Mon Oct 10 09:44:07 EDT 2005

>But..right there in
>the magazine rack with the Communique was a 1960 issue of Motor Trend
>(with a Corvair on the cover) with an article and test, demonstrating
>that driving habits DO NOT have much effect on mileage at all, and
>that's it's pretty much a myth.

And if you believe that, I have this bridge...

Seriously, on an Interstate driving habits probably do not make a lot of 
difference (I generally just set the cruise and for those who might be 
interested, a crude cruise was one of the first things I added to my new 
1970 GS 4-speed on return from SEA).

In town driving, habits make a lot of difference and I regularly get 10-20% 
better milage with our 3800s than others in the family. I accelerate 
briskly but watch for conditions ahead and adjust early, often shifting to 
neutral when coming up on a red light.

 >we don't get mileage because of all the CRAP in the cars. All the
 >convenience junque that conks out and costs a fortune to repair.

Personally have always liked "all the toys" - doen't hurt the resale either 
- and living in Florida, A/C is a must even though I rarely use it. With 
frequent brief rainstorms, power windows are quite handy, and remote 
keyless allows unlocking all the doors on approach so that passengers do 
not need to wait.

Frankly I have always thought that GM (Delco) radios were pretty good but 
expensive. Back at that 70 GS another immediate option was an underdash 
FM-sterer/8 track and I have a 8 track/cassette adapter because I often 
made long drives (1,000 miles or more was common then) in areas of spotty 
radio reception or filled with farm reports.

Might mention that the 70 GS also had 15" wheels, positraction, & front and 
rear sway bars. Used to beat Z-28s in Autocrosses so the toys did not hurt 

My new 66 Corvair is minimalist. Being a drop top it does not need air but 
does have a CD in the glove box and a reduced diameter/dish steering wheel 
to suit my preferred position (seat is also modified a bit the same way I 
used to back when such were new). Windows are crank and slightly annoying 
but livable. Is part of its character.

Is in contrast to my daily driver which has every conceivable option and 
electronics stuffed everywhere there was a place. 16 way power seats, power 
sunroof, a 5" CRT/touchscreen in the center of the dash, and this is 1988 
vintage GM. Also makes a statement, just a different one.

Of course I generally find the electronic stuff easier to fix than other 
and keep a supply of spares around so repairs are not expensive, 
fortunately GM uses the same power window motor for many cars of the 80s 
and 90s. Guess it is just a matter of viewpoint.


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