<VV> Fords vs. Chevys-not much Corvair

RKB rkbyers at verizon.net
Mon Oct 10 09:58:38 EDT 2005

Russ Moorhouse asked the inimitable question:
"Anybody have an idea why Fords aren't driven??"
The answer is too easy: people driving Fords were ashamed of what was under their hoods.  I mean, can you imagine someone waxing eloquent over a 289 boat anchor or the 390 tanker ballast? Probably no one could find a SOHC and the 427 side oilers had expired due to .. well, oiling problems.. just like the Clevelands.  Most of these engines in stock form make the Corvair engine look like a powerhouse and the nail head Buick a race engine. I have to admit however, a soft spot for the flat head V8's however. Too bad they replaced them all with a Y block!
Oh wait a minute! What about the wonderful SHO engine? That was Yamaha wasn't it? Too bad!
Sorry guys, this was too easy.:)
Largo, FL

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