<VV> Re:Stuck in fourth gear

Bill Wells brierpath at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 10 12:30:41 EDT 2005

A club member says his Greenbrier is stuck in 4th gear.  We are going 
up tonight to rescue him & look it over.
If the trans is stuck - can anybody recommend what might be wrong - and 
how to fix it?
Andy K.<
I have seen this a couple times. Once was overall slop(wear) in mainshaft components, allowing 3-4 drive dogs to pop out and jam 4th gear on a 64-5 tranny.
Second occurrence was when clutch gear needle bearings welded themselves to the mainshaft, creating a direct drive only transmission. This was a 61-3 tranny. This failure was preceeded by noise in lower gears for some time.
Either way, if the shifter is functioning properly, the trans will need to come out.
Good Luck,
Bill Wells

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