<VV> Shroud Bolt Sizes?

Mike Ioanes mioanes at woh.rr.com
Mon Oct 10 13:19:07 EDT 2005

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> After 3 years and a move to another house, I am
> finally at the point of maybe getting my 64 Greenbrier
> on the road.
> Can some of you advise :
> Those small self-tapping machine screws - what size
> are they?  Not the sheetmetal screws (I have lots of
> those) , but the ones that go into the welded on nuts
> that early shrouds seem to have everywhere.  (havent
> done earlies in 25 years, lates dont seem to have as
> many bolts)
> The end of the heads (Late Model)  the medium sized
> bolt holes are different on one end than the other.  I
> need to know the smaller sized ones.  On the back of
> the left bank/front of the right bank.
> I found a bag of  the small 3/8 head bolts that fit
> several places, so Im ok with those.
Everett, maybe someone who knows for sure will reply, but here's what I know 
(or think)-the big bolts on the end of the heads are 3/8 thread (9/16 head) 
on earlies and 65s.  On later lates they are smaller-5/16 threads (1/2 
head).  It's good you have the 3/8 head ones-the normal size of the head is 
7/16 (they are 1/4 threads) and a normal size head won't fit for the bottom 
shrouds and some other places.  The only possible substitute is an allen 
head bolt.  Not sure about the self-tappers but if nobody else can tell you, 
I'll pull one out of my 64.
Hope this helps,
Mike Ioanes 

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