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Why not bring one in from Canada? They've been selling them here for a year.... starting at $16,500 Canadian apparently. Not sure what mods would have to be made for the US market.

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just  read an interview with the new chief at Daimler (Juergen Schremp sp?) 
and he  clearly stated that in view of recent fuel price increases they are 
looking at  importing Smart cars into NA.

I have been trying to buy one of these for the last year+ but the very few  
which have come through Ebay have been jacked up over $10,000. They sell for  
about $10 - $13K in Europe but they can be EPA/DOT'd legal here.  The 3  cyl(?) 
turbo diesel with A/C and airbags would be the trick "screw you" message  to 
the Oil Barons.
I saw a few earlier this year on the Autostrada in northern Italy but they  
were usually the slowest vehicles on the road and everyone was blowing by  them.
Actually, Smart announced nearly a year ago that they would bring in a  Smart 
car but it isn't the little square tail car we know.  It is a bigger,  
different car.
Joe Dunlap
Central Florida
'64 Monza conv., '69 Coupe, 140, 4 spd., street  hooligan


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