<VV> valve job, very little Corvair

Marc Sheridan sheridanma at adelphia.net
Mon Oct 10 16:33:18 EDT 2005

I'm back! A little sore, but I think I can stay on the computer for awhile, 
as long as the perceset holds out :o).

Being one of them early models, the first attempt to fix my mitral valve 
failed and Dr. Crestanello had to try again. He actually stopped my heart, 
made his repair attempt, restarted the heart for a test, then took it all 
apart again when it didn't look right and got it right the second time 
around. What was supposed to be a two to three hour operation turned into an 
eight hour marathon. He's the best and so are all the people that supported 
him. I felt privileged to be taken care by them.

I started this thread last week, as an attempt at humor. I was overwhelmed 
by the outpouring of well wishes from this group. Thanks to all of you for 
your support. It makes me proud to be a member of this group.

Maybe by the time I get through all the mail that backed up while I was in 
the hospital, I'll be healthy enough to get back to work on the Monza before 
I have to go back to work.

Marc Sheridan

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