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Mon Oct 10 19:15:27 EDT 2005

    If you want to eliminate this problem install a vacuum advance on the 
distributor, just like EVERY OTHER Corvair has.  When I did this years ago on my 
180, the problem disappeared AND at the same time I got over 20% better 
mileage (mpg) driving back and forth to work.  Just make sure you still keep 
provision for pressure retard when you go into boost.  See my chapter on 
Turbocharging in the Corvair Basics manual for a detailed discussion of the various ways 
to accomplish this.
    I believe lack of vacuum advance was one of the main reasons so many 
Corvair buyers chose the 140 over the 180 for the 1965/66 years of production.  
But I may be prejudiced<GGGG>
    Frank "likes having cake and eating it to" Burkhard

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Hi Dave,

I have the EXACT same issue with my 64 Spyder... and I thought it was the
accelerator pump so I replaced it with a new one; and I still have the same

I would describe it as a slight hesitation when you accelerate and BEFORE
you get into the turbo.  Mine does it on moderate acceleration but does not
do it all the time.  So far... I've been unable to pin down the problem; but
on mine at least; it is so minor that I live with it.

Joe West

On 10/10/05 7:13 AM, "David Baker" <dbaker10 at> wrote:

> In my original post regarding my turbo hesitation, it's not turbo
> lag I'm talking about, I forgot to mention that my carb has been
> rebuilt. It has probably less than 5,000 miles on it since, but I
> know that doesn't mean that the accelerator pump might not be
> bad.
> Dave Baker 

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