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Mon Oct 10 21:06:09 EDT 2005

i have a bad memory but i did solve a lot of turbo problems years ago.  after 
carefull study i found that the hesitation in most cases was caused by too 
much gas being shot when you pumped the accellarator, not too little. the simple 
backyard type repair is to scribe a line with a screwdriver in the bowl by 
the discharge nozzle so a small amount goes back into the bowl. i think it was 
published in how to hot rod  back when i was doing turbos and carbs.  also run 
the chike on the rich side.  make sure no gas is coming back out the throat 
when cold. thats burned a few turbos to the ground way back when. check dwel 
carefully and run at least a cd ignition with good coil. you will definetely feel 
the improvement. make sure all vac areas and turbo hose are tight ..check for 
leaks running with a spray bottle of soapy water.  i could keep going... but
regards, tim colson

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