<VV> Any thing else I should check?

Cepak, Tom A tom.a.cepak at lmco.com
Tue Oct 11 12:17:36 EDT 2005

You guys will have to forgive me.  Since I've only owned a Corvair for 7
months, I'm going to probably ask some really stupid questions.  How can
you tell if the oil pump is a heavy duty one?  I could be wrong but I it
seems like it has the original oil pump, simply from the fact that it
was a pain to remove all remnants of the old oil pump gasket.  To check
the oil pressure do I remove the oil pressure switch and install a gauge
there?  Any specific gauge I should use?  What would be considered
higher than normal oil pressure?  I haven't added oil to the engine yet.
Will I be able to tell if the pressure relief valve is stuck if I try to
remove it?


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-- If the engine has the aftermarket heavy duty oil pump installed, the
added load on the distributor shaft can 
-- cause pin shearing, tang twisting off.  Go back to the standard
factory pump.  Also, check the oil pressure.  -- If the pressure relief
valve is stuck, that will cause higher than normal oil pressure, adding
load to 
-- thedistributor shaft.

-- John Ryall

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