<VV> Pushrods - Warning & Advertisement ?

David C. Herrin III source at adnc.com
Tue Oct 11 17:05:21 EDT 2005

Since I am again being lambasted for warning you all about defective -
substandard parts; 

i.e. rocker arms - that will damage - destroy your engines : 

let's try another valve train part  = pushrods. 


Engine Push Rod  1960-9 Corvair All Applications.

ref. GM Gp. 0.426  Rod, Valve Push  # 3839661  5/16" Dia.  Length 10 9/32" 

one piece construction with formed ends @ 22 grams ea.


First appearance 199? ; when TRW & Sealed Power were merged by Federal

I was sent a bunch of Sealed Power # RP3077 two piece pushrods @ 43 grams

 instead of the usual ( at the time ) TRW # 48017 three piece @ 45 grams.

Last check - the problem still has not been corrected.

I am not sure of true mfg. so I will just refer to these as SP Sealed Power

The SP's are readily identifiable - visually by the silver oxide portion (
the valve spring end ) joined to the much longer  black oxide portion.  The
problem is at the "joint" - located at  the guide plate - when the pieces
were joined - the diameter was ever so slightly "ballooned". In any use the
pushrods will wear rapidly and fail.

Simple test if yours appear as such - silver & black - carefully check  for
clearance at this joint thru a guide plate.


Be aware - be warned !




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