<VV> Harmonic Balancer install

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Tue Oct 11 19:51:23 EDT 2005

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How  do you remove the bolt from the balancer & "torque to specs" after  
replacement ? This is a powerglide car so cannot just put in gear and set  
the brake. Suggestions please.


If you are really Brave, you buy a long 14mm fine thread (not sure of  the 
metric designation) bolt. Remove the sparkplug from the cylinder with the  best 
threads in the head. Put the motor to TDC for that cylinder. (with a  wrench!) 
Rotate it past a little bit in the direction of normal  rotation till the 
piston moves down.  Screw the 14mm bolt in  until it contacts the piston - 
gently! Now you will be able to torque away with  rotation stopped at that point. 
When you are done, remove the bolt and  replace the plug and the plug wire! You 
could always try the old standby of  stuffing rope in the cylinder, with 
enough hanging out to remove it. Enough rope  will stop your rotation. - Seth

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