<VV> 2004 convention dash plaque

Bill Hubbell whubbell at cox.net
Tue Oct 11 22:18:30 EDT 2005

Of course, if you won any awards you could always pull the plaque off of it 

Bill Hubbell

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> As if there wasn't enough turmoil on this list, you had to bring up the 
> Lexington dash plaque :o). It was quite the controversy right after the 
> convention, I don't know how you missed it. There was NO dash plaque ever 
> made for the Lexington convention.
> Marc Sheridan
>> Hi,
>> I'm finally organizing all of my dash plaques from 20 or so years of 
>> shows.
>> I noticed that I don't have a dash plaque from the 2004 convention in
>> Lexington. I was there but without a car. If you have one you're willing 
>> to
>> part with, please let me know. I'll even trade you a 1999 convention 
>> jacket
>> patch. It's a very nice patch--several colors.
>> Thanks.

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